Who is Neware

Neware technology limited founded in 1998, one of the best battery testing system researchers and manufacturers in China.
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What do we do

Neware has been in battery industry for more than 20 yeas, we major in battery tester testing research and manufacture.
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Our Vision

Neware focuses on battery industry, we aim to make the best battery testing system for the whole energy world.
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Buy Neware battery testers or need to know more?

Neware offers standard battery testers such as 5V10mA, 5V50mA, 5V6A, 5V20A, 5V50A, 5V100A, 5V1000A, 10V3A, 10V6A, 10V10A, 10V100A, 10V100A, 20V10A, 20V60A, 100V100A, 100V500A, 200V200A, 750V300A, etc. And we can customize almost any kind of battery tester according to your special requirements. Choose the testers match your testing purpose or ask our sales engineers to know more.

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Need after-sales service or download software?

Newest software, user manuals, operation guide and tips, Neware battery testers specifications, all the basic and advanced technology material are all here. You will learn how to use Neware BTS(battery testing systems) better, find out the best features of our battery analyzers, tell the bad batteries from the good ones, etc. And our experienced software and hardware engineers are also ready to help you out.

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Brife history of Neware technology limited



1st Generation BTS



BTS2000 came out

BTS3000 came out


BTS4000 lauched successfully




High Power EVT came out

BTS8000 For Simulation


BTS9000 successfully researched

More than 20000 customers


Dual range testers

One of the best BTS worldwide



Main types of Neware battery testers

The one for all purpose: BTS4000

Neware BTS4000 seriesDon’t know where to start? First time came across Neware? Limited budget for a start-up business? Want to use a battery tester for all kinds of purposes? Wanna give it a shot with low risk? BTS4000 is very possibly the correct choice for you to get to know Neware and her battery test products better. Till year 2017, 90% new customers of Neware would choose BTS4000 as a starting point, it’s really the time-proven and reliable choice.

For highly accurate test: BTS9000

Neware advanced battery analyzer BTS9000

BTS9000 is born with a feature that all battery technology researchers and scientists would love to hear: ‘super highly accurate‘. Neware BTS9000 is truly one of the most advanced battery testers you can find in the market. Customers mainly use it to tell the subtle performance differences of various aspects of cells. Of course, BTS9000 is also great for traditional cells formation, grading and cycle-life test.

For vehicle battery packs: IGBT

Neware IGBT for battery packs

Different from the traditional linear technology, Neware IGBT is born with regenerative capability, the battery discharged energy can be used to charge other batteries or go back to the power grid, the benefits of IGBT switching mode power supply is obvious: less heat emission, more energy saving, less room space taken(smaller dimension of the cabinet), etc. And IGBT solution is more cost-effective comparing with linear technology.

The one and only – Neware BTS9000

Amazingly high specifications

Neware BTS9000 aims to be the best battery tester. It characterized with 1000Hz data record frequency, 4 automatic-switch output ranges, 0.005% accuracy, 16 bit resolution, minimum 400 us pulse width. It’s the best choice for battery material research.
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IEC standard testing method

Neware BTS9000 complied IEC standard in the DCIR(Direct current internal resistance) test. By using BTS9000 you can easily get the dynamic DCIR values of the battery. It’s one of the best battery analyzer for you to find out the DCIR of your battery so far in the whole world.
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Endorsed by battery experts

Neware BTS9000 was highly evaluated and recommended by battery experts worldwide. Experts and professors from LG Chem, ATL, Samsung SDI, Loughbourgh University, General Motors and many other companies and universities think BTS9000 is the best.
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Help you to find future battery

Neware BTS9000 is born for battery material research, you can easily tell the minor difference of different battery materials. Of course, BTS9000 is also great for volume battery production line and factory, it helps you to ensure best battery quality to your customers.
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Neware BTS9000 in a rack

Neware BTS9000 came into battery testing market in 2013 after 5 years research, it’s one of the best battery tester and analyzer in the whole world.

Why choose Neware

Our awesome clients are Awesome!

  • Neware founded in 1998, has been in this market for about 20 years.
  • Some of Neware battery testers have been running for years in a row and still working.
  • Classical image of Neware battery testers has been deeply rooted in people’s mind.

Classical image of Neware battery testers has been deeply rooted in people's mind.

  • Neware offers most numbers of battery tester models in the whole world, no one else can compete Neware on this.
  • You can buy some specific output range testers directly.
  • Neware can also customize the testers according to your requirements, color, output range, logo, etc., you name it.

Neware can customize battery testers according to customers requirements.

  • Neware would like to make change for customers and for the market.
  • Neware inputs 10% of her revenue to develop and research departments to make sure quick growth.
  • Neware USA office is officially open, now we can provide prompt service to customers in North America and Canada.

Neware team keeps moving forward quickly.
Years experience
Hz data record
Ampere current
Customers worldwide
us pulse width
Volt voltage

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Get more out of Neware testers

Neware BTSDA software operation tips.For you to understand and use Neware software better, we made series of operation videos, software manuals and tips for you. So you can get to know how to use of the hardware and software. And there are also some advanced tips of software operation. Such as the BTSDA(BTS data analyzer), how to start up DCIR test in BTS9000 software, how to get DCIR values in BTS4000 software, how to perform pulse and driving simulation tests, etc.

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The brand new Neware official website just launched and we are still working on it, if you can’t find the content you are looking for, please report to us. Thank you.