Neware BTS9000: the most advanced battery cyclers/analyzers/testers for you to find future battery material.

BTS9000 in large scale

Brand new design of BTS9000

All in the details

BTS9000 5V5A-4CH-GSM

BTS9000-5V5A-4CH-GSM is the most advanced model of all BTS9000 testers. It carries all the cutting-edge feature of BTS9000: 4 automatic-switch output ranges, 0.02% accuracy, 1000Hz data record frequency, OTA(on the air) upgrade supported, high frequency pulse(minimum pulse width 400us), offline working mode, etc.
All the 4 channels of BTS9000-5V5A-4CH-GSM can perform high frequency pulse test at the same time.

Main features

4 auto-switch output ranges

0.02% accuracy for each range

1000Hz data record

400us min pulse width

IEC standard DCIR test

OTA upgrade supported

BTS9000 5V5A-8CH

Comparing with BTS9000-5V5A-4CH-GSM, there’s only one channel of BTS9000-5V5A-8CH can perform high frequency pulse test at the same time.
If you need highly accurate current output range to tell the subtle difference of the battery material, but don’t need many pulse tests, then  BTS9000-5V5A-8CH is the better choice.

good as 5V5A-4CH-GSM, main features are all the same

8 channels in one cabinet, one channel can perform pulse test

more channels, more cost-effective

CVD(constant voltage discharge) supported

BTS9000 5V5A-2CH, small as a laptop, but performance not compromised

35*44*4.5 in centimeter, this is the exact dimension of BTS9000-5V5A-2CH! Small as a laptop(you can tell from the left side picture), but it also has the best performance: 1000Hz data record frequency, 0.02% accuracy, 4 auto-switch output ranges, 400us minimum pulse width, etc.
Usually we won’t suggest this model to customers, but if you need to carry the tester around everywhere(such as for a demonstration or work in site), then BTS9000-5V5A-2CH would be the best choice.

small, portable and powerful

special 2 channels design

BTS3000n 5V6A-8CH, good enough and cost-effective

Mostly customers can tell from the right side picture that this is exactly the very classical Neware battery tester for coin cell, pouch and cylinder.
Specific model number: BTS3000n-5V6A-8CH, accuracy 0.05%FS, current output range 3mA-6A, Ethernet communication, offline mode supported.
This is the very cost-efficient choice for battery basic test or long time cycle.

Low price

adaptable clamps

BTS9 software

0.05% FS

8 channels