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Neware offers all the BTS software without charge. Once you become our customers, you can enjoy the life-time software upgrade. For BTS9000, you can even update the firmware. Other models will also support OTA in the near future.
And as the Neware hardware and software upgrades contentiously, we’d keep updating the newest software, user manuals, specifications, software tips, operation video clips and other useful stuff, you are always welcome come back to check all the upgrades regularly.
You are welcome to tell us what kind of help you need about the software or any related to Neware testers:

BTS4000 quick startup, connect to computer and software installation

BTS4000 software tips and operation

Updated on May 28, 2019: Neware official document on BTS4000 connection, setup and software download.

Latest BTS4000 softwareBTS4000 setup guide

Intuitive step 1-2-3 helps you install and get to use BTS9000 quickly

Updated on March 19, 2019: Neware official document on BTS9000 connection, setup and software download.

Latest BTS9000 softwareBTS9000 setup guide

Official operation video clip of Neware data analysis tool BSTDA

Neware BTSDA, Battery testing data view and analyzer tool

Updated on Jan 17, 2019: Neware official document on BTSDA operation tips and download.

Latest BTSDA softwareBTSDA video clips

Neware BTS4000 and IGBT newest software BTS7.6.0(2018-08-27)

Neware BTS4000 and IGBT software BTS7.6.0, release data 2017-01-22.

If you are using BTS7.5.5 or BTS7.5.6, we strongly suggest you upgrade this 7.6.0 version for all the reasons!! If you are using BTS7.5.4 and everything is fine, please don’t upgrade to BTS7.6.0!!! It’s just no necessary for you to upgrade to this version, that will save you time and possible trouble.
Download newest BTS7.x

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BTS7.5.4 for BTS4000 old models, updated on
BTSDA of BTS4000, updated on
BTS.ini file, BTS log file
Upgrade software for BTS4000 server

Neware BTS9000 and BTS3000n newest software BTS9.0.3(2019-03-19)

Neware BTS9000 and BTS3000n software BTS9.0.3, released data 2017-05-18.

This version BTS9 software applies to all the Neware BTS9000 and BTS3000n testers. But the IMPORTANT premise to upgrade to this BTS9.0.3 version: please upgrade the firmware of your BTS9000 or BTS3000n middle machine firstly, please refer to the guide article here.
Download BTS9 software

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BTSDA for BTS9000 and BTS3000n
BTS Client TC53 for COM(Serial) BTS3000, oldest model
BTSDA COM(Serial) BTS3000, oldest model

Mostly used testing scripts, explanation and result analysis of Neware BTS4000 and IGBT

typical battery cycle-life test recipe: discharge, charge, cycle.

Here’s a typical charge-discharge-cycle test script/profile/recipe which adapts to many many basic battery life-cycle test(you only need to modify the current, voltage values in this script when you actually use it). Click here to download this test recipe and apply it on your Neware BTS4000 or IGBT.

More testing script samples

  • How to use ‘if statement’
    Some customers are curious about how to use ‘if statement’ in their testing recipes, it could be very useful when you want the test to jump based on different conditions, here’s an example for you to follow.

The test profile editor of BTS9000 software is different from the one in BTS4000 software, and the recipe file formats are also different. Here’s a typical charge-discharge-cycle test script/profile/recipe which adapts to many many basic battery life-cycle test(you only need to modify the current, voltage values in this script when you actually use it). Click here to download this test recipe and apply it on your Neware BTS9000 or BTS3000n.

  • Battery capacity retention test
    This test also known as current leak or self-discharge, it’s widely used on batteries, which is intended to get how much a fully charged battery capacity remains after 24 hours or appointed time.
  • DCIR test on BTS9000
    In BTS9000 software, there’s a step/function called ‘measuring resistance’, it’s also known as DCIR(Direct Current Internal Resistance) test. This function in BTS9000 is based on IEC standard.
  • C-Rate mode in BTS9000 software
    This is the feature/function ever asked by many many Neware customers, finally we made that happen. Now if you want to the C-rate test, you can simply input the C-rate times instead of the specific capacity of the battery.

Mostly used testing scripts, explanation and result analysis of BTS9000 and BTS3000n

typical battery cycle-life test recipe on Neware BTS9000: discharge, charge, cycle.

Apply Neware testers with IEC and other testing standards

IEC-62133 and Neware battery testers
  • How to apply IEC-62133 standard on Neware battery testers

IEC 62133 specifies requirements and tests for the safe operation of portable sealed secondary lithium cells and batteries containing non-acid electrolyte, under intended use and reasonably foreseeable misuse.
To make sure your battery meet IEC-62133 standard, Neware battery tester plays an important role in the following required tests: Continuous low-rate charging, Temperature cycling, Overcharge, Forced discharge, etc.
And we made some example of IEC-62133 related charging and discharging tests for your reference.

  • Neware battery testers and UN38.3
    Currently, UN 38.3 and IEC-62281 are the most commonly used standards in the world for the assessment of conditions for the transportation of lithium batteries. We show you how to apply UN 38.3 on Neware battery testers.
  • Neware battery testers and UL 1642
    UL 1642 is the standard for safety for lithium batteries. Neware battery testers are capable of doing some of the tests mentioned in UL 1642, and we’ll show you how to make that happen. Click here for more.

Operation tips and FAQ of Neware battery testers hardware and software

Mostly customers can tell from the right side picture that this is exactly the very classical Neware battery tester for coin cell, pouch and cylinder.
Specific model number: BTS3000n-5V6A-8CH, accuracy 0.05%FS, current output range 3mA-6A, Ethernet communication, offline mode supported.
This is the very cost-efficient choice for battery basic test or long time cycle.

  • How to quickly tell the voltage of a battery by using Neware tester before test?
  • A better way to connect Neware testers without changing computer IP address?
  • What’s the meaning of different light/indicator colors on the Neware battery tester front panels?
  • Top 50 Neware battery testers software and hardware questions frequently asked by customers?

Neware BTSDA(Data analysis tool) operation video clip

The testing result data analysis tools bundled in Neware software package is the one called BTSDA(Battery testing system data analysis), it’s easy to use and powerful for you to view and analyze the battery testing data both in detailed plain text and plots/graphs. It can also export data to xls or txt formats.

User manuals download area

  • Neware BTS4000 user manual 
    This BTS4000 user manual adapts to Neware BTS4000 and IGBT battery testers.
    For some customers who use Neware battery testers the first time, they might be stuck at the step of how to make the BTS software recognize the testers.
    In this user manual, we will guide you through the whole process.
  • Neware BTS9000 user manual
    This BTS9000 user manual adapts to Neware BTS9000 and BTS3000n battery testers.
    BTS9000 software is derived from BTS4000 software and we made the BTS9000 software even easier. If you used BTS4000 software before, there’s almost no learning curve of BTS9000 software when you switch to it.
  • Neware BTS4000 calibration manual
    Be careful, this BTS4000 calibration booklet is only for advanced and experienced customers who are good at both battery and electrics.

more user manuals and useful documents

Neware battery testing system BTS4000 software manual

Specifications of popular Neware battery tester models.