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Battery researchers and scientists, battery manufactures, importers and exporters, you can always choose the most appropriate Neware battery testers for battery quality check, battery performance tests, battery material research, and battery mass production lines.

Neware top 10 selling battery testers(By year 2018)

TOP #1: BTS4000-5V6A(Dual range), 50%+ customers’ first choice, great for 3C battery BFGS, cycle-life and performance tests.BTS4000-5V6A works for cylindrical cells, coin cells, swagelok, pouch cells and more.
Neware BTS4000-5V6A is the most popular battery tester ever, more than 50% customers would choose this model as their main products. For customers who came across Neware the first time, 5V6A is also strongly suggested as their tryout demo machine. Neware BTS4000-5V6A is powerful, reliable, it works on the very popular coin cell, cylindrical cell and prismatic cells, etc. It can be used for battery formation and grading, cycle-life test, performance and so on. From year 2016, dual range 5V6A was successfully replaced the traditional 5V6A model. Higher range 6A(100mA-6A) makes it the best choice for cycle-life test and C-rate test on 3C battery cells. Lower range 100mA(0.5mA-100mA) makes 5V6A great for small pouch, coin cell and swagelok battery test.

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TOP #2/4/7: BTS4000-5V10mA/20mA/50mA(Dual range), favorite of battery researchers, labs and universities
Neware BTS4000-5V10mA is born for coin cell test, formerly it’s 5V1mA this modle. Students and researchers in universities and institutes just love this product, it’s the real star on their mind. The newest Neware BTS4000-5V10mA has 2 output ranges: 1mA(5uA-1mA) and 10mA(1mA-10mA) with accuracy 0.05%. The lower range is able to output current low as 5uA, which can tell the subtle difference of various materials such electrodes, electrolyte, separator, etc. The newest BTS4000-5V10mA/20mA/50mA is much more accurate and stable. Many students think Neware testers help them a lot in their battery research and paper work.
BTS4000-5V10mA SpecsBTS4000-5V20mA SpecsBTS4000-5V50mA SpecsOrder BTS4000-5V6A right nowTo know more
TOP #3: BTS4000-5V12A(Dual range), rising star for 3C battery test
As time goes by, nowadays battery capacity density becomes higher and higher, that’s the trend of this whole energy industry, people need smaller dimension battery to contain more energy. New technology and upgraded producing process make this idea come into reality. Of course, high C-rate charge(Quick charge) is another reason for higher current testers become more popular than before. For a 3000mAh cell battery, people want to charge it at 6000mA(2C) or even 9000mA(3C) current. And in some labs, researchers are trying 10C or even higher C-rate charge or discharge. In this situation, 5V12A is the very rising star for both battery manufactures and researchers.
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TOP #5: BTS4000-5V20A, most flexible and powerful product, could be 8/16/32/48/96 channels in one cabinet, extra features available. Know more…
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TOP #6/8/10: BTS4000-5V100A/50A/200A, mainly for customers who work with EV batteries, or customers want to do high C-rate test. These there models could be 2/4/8 channels in one cabinet. Know more…
BTS4000-5V100A specsBTS4000-5V50A SpcesBTS4000-5V200A spcesOrder BTS4000-5V100A/50A/200A right now
TOP #9: BTS4000-10V3A, can be used to test single cells or 2-serial battery modules. It comes with 2 possible designs: the one with up-down holder or the one with air-socket. Know more…
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One article helps you to understand Neware testers better

BTS4000 hardware and software overview

Neware BTS4000 is the upgraded version of the popular battery test equipment BTS3000.
Comparing with BTS3000, BTS4000 greatly improved the hardware response time, data acquisition frequency and output accuracy.
BTS4000 has higher data acquisition frequency up to 10Hz which enables you get better DCIR (Direct Current Internal Resistance) values.
BTS4000 applies all the applications of BTS3000(Charge, Discharge, Cycle-life, etc), plus battery pulse test, HPPC test and DCIR test.
From year 2017, dual ranges BTS4000 came to market with big success, this dual range feature made BTS4000 from good to great, dual range BTS4000 has better performance than the old models – while price stays the same, technically speaking, customers get two machines with the cost of only one machine. And dual range make it possilbe for users to perform from low C-rate test to hight C-rate on one machine without switching batteries from one machine to another, this makes both the testing process and result more continuous, researchers and scientists just love this feature.
BTS4000 is most balanced test system in Neware’s product lines, great performance with very competitive price, no matter you are battery factories, battery researchers or scientists , trading companies or even you just want to have a tryout with very low risk, Neware BTS4000 is very likely the correct choice for you. Read more..
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BTS9000 hardware and software overview

BTS9000 is born to be the most advanced equipment for battery test. Though many customers love Neware BTS4000, while when goes for very highly accurate perfomrance test, customers need something better than BTS4000, so Neware researched and developed brand-new BTS9000 series.
BTS9000 is specially designed for battery material research, high-precision tests, high frequency pulse charge/discharge test, DCIR test and of course, it’s also great for traditional cycle life test.
As the most cutting-edge technology instrument, BTS9000 comes with extremely high accuracy(0.02% for now and 0.01% is under developing by year 2017), amazingly quick hardware response speed(≤100μs), high-speed testing data acquisition frequency(up to 1000Hz, great for very short time performance test, researchers can view more detailed data in the same time), minimum pulse width 400us(can be utilized for GSM/GPRS and similar pulse test), 4 output ranges available(0.1uA-150uA, 150uA-5mA, 5mA-150mA and 150mA-5A, great for C-rate test from low to high). The DCIR function in BTS9000 is based on IEC standard, easy to use and many battery experts highly praised the DCIR testing result accuracy which operated on BTS9000.
Currently there are only 2 models of BTS9000: 5V5A-8CH and 5V5A-4CH, both for cells(no matter coin cell, pouch, cylindrical or prismatic), more models of different ranges BTS9000 will be released in the future. Read more..
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Neware regenerative testers overview

Regenerative can be very useful in these two situations of battery industry: large-scale of batteries discharging at the same time or very large capacity batteries discharge at very high current/power. For the traditional battery testers, the discharged energy will be turned into heat, it’s not a big problem when there’s only small amount of batteries, neither the heat nor the wasted energy is much. Part of the energy will be consumed by the MOSFET, mostly part of the energy will be turned into heat, not only it’s bad for the instruments(heat can largely affect the stability and accuracy of many kinds of electronic instruments) , people also have to use air-conditioner to cool down the room, that’s extra waste of energy.
There are 2 solutions of Neware Energy Saving testers: BTS4000 with energy saving feature and IGBT. Neware BTS4000-ES is based on Neware BTS4000, mainly for large scale battery cells and packs formation and grading in battery factories. Neware IGBT series is mainly for huge battery packs charging and discharging. Comparing with none-energy-saving technology, both of Neware BTS4000-ES and IGBT can largely reduce the heat emission ratio and the equipment dimension. The discharged/regenerative energy from the discharging batteries can be used to charge the other batteries(which are in the charging stage) on the same machine or returned back to the power grid.
So if you are battery makers or need to test batteries in larger scale, then regenerative testers should be the better choice. Read more..
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Neware testers for various customers

The Neware battery tester models listed below here in different categories are the most popular ones chosen by our customers, so if you belong to one of the following category, then it might be easier for you to find out the battery tester that meets your requirement based on your peers’ choice.

  • Neware BTS3000n
  • $$
  • price of neware BTS3000nUpgraded version of Neware traditional COM port BTS3000, for battery basic tests. Limited models available: 5V6A-8CH is ready for now, 6V3A will be ready on early of 2017, 15V3A and 20V5A for power banks will be available year 2017 later.
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  • Neware BTS9000
  • $$$$
  • Price of Neware BTS9000BTS9000, most advanced battery tester researched and produced by Neware so far. 0.02% accuracy, 4 automatic-switch output ranges, constant voltage discharge supported, 400us minimum pulse width, IEC standard DCIR test method. It’s the best battery material analyzer world-widely.
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  • Neware IGBT
  • $$$$$
  • price of Neware IGBT.Neware IGBT product series is the upgrade of EVT. Neware IGBT is designed to test EV battery packs and energy storage systems. Frequently asked models: 375V200A, 500V200A, 750V200A, 750V300A, 600V500A, 750V400A, 900V600A, etc.
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Neware BTS8000 for car battery driving simulation

Looking for BTS8000 – battery tester for simulating car driving profiles?
Of course, we won’t forget it.
Multi ranges, 100Hz data record frequency, 1 million lines of commands supported, BTS8000 makes it easy for you to test the performance of EV battery in laboratory.

Choose Neware BTS8000 to test battery for EVs

Neware BTS4000-5V6A

First time came across Neware?

The most popular Neware BTS4000-5V6 might be a good starting point for you to try out. BTS4000-5V6A is one of the stars of all the Neware testers, it’s good for coin cell, pouch cell and cylinder. From cell cycle-life test or C-rate performance, it’s very likely the correct choice.

Still have no idea what’s the most appropriate battery testers that can serve your battery and testing purpose?
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