Neware is NUMBER #1 battery tester brand for labs.

We offers more than 500+ models of battery testers for various requirements of customers worldwide.

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As a leader of battery testing solutions provider founded in 1998, Neware has been committed to providing world-class battery testing products and services for the last 20 years. In fact, these efforts have been rewarded with more than 180,000 sets of testing equipment sold to over 26,000 customers, ranging from battery / capacitor manufactures (production, quality control)and automakers to R&D institutes across the world.

On the other hand, as an energetic, creative, and motivated enterprise, Neware never stops designing and modifying equipment, as well as adapting to the ever changing technology, which will lead us from good to great. We invest 10% of our annual revenue into R&D in order to meet the increasing and changing test requirements from customers and the industry.

Thus far, Neware has entitled ‘National High-tech Enterprises’ and ‘Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise’, and was awarded as the ‘top 500 growing enterprises in Shenzhen’. Moreover, Neware adopted the SAP system in early 2004, and received both ISO9000 and ISO9001 certificates. Most of our products have a CE certificate.

Neware’s products have been widely used by customers in more than 150 countries, from single cell testing to module and pack testing. We clearly understand that different clients have different requirements; therefore, our products are designed based on the market’s demands.
The BTS4000 was invented in 2008, and after 10 years of evolution, it has become the most popular product of Neware. Flexible and customizable are the two major competitive advantages of BTS 4000, not to mention its high accuracy, short hardware response time and dual range features. BTS4000 can always satisfy the market demands. It has a current output range from 1mA to 3000A, also with the multi-current range channel voltage ranges from 0V to 110V. Think of the BTS4000 like a Toyota, it is practical, reliable, and the cost is within a reasonable price. Now, I would like to introduce our BTS9000. It is more like a Porsche, fancy and a bit pricey, but research focused. Our BTS9000 can achieve 0.2% accuracy with less than 100μS response time, multi ranges with 1000HZ data recording function applied in numerous research labs ever since it was invented. Comparing with BTS4000, BTS 8000 is focusing on EV vehicle battery testing, super capacity test and storage energy test, etc. BTS8000 is famous for its driving schedules and simulating function. With the increasing popularity of the EV vehicle market, BTS8000 is also adopted by a large number of pack battery manufacturers.

It is unquestionable that energy storage is the key to a renewable energy future. Reliable and flexible testing solutions are what we do for living. Our testers can be customized based on the different test objectives. Also, we have a large variety of clamps which aim to obtain larger testing samples, from coin cell to pack, from 5V10mA testers all the way up to 900V800A, what we can offer is always higher than your expectation. Moreover, we are now strengthening integrated experiences both on data management and testing activities involving third parties. For example, you can export test results into NDA or Excel by using our software. You can also switch modes depending on the different test requirements. We guarantee you a highly automated testing system in manufacturing processes and professional testing center enabling you to handle complex tests and data. Furthermore, we have developed a laboratory management system, to help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency.

As one of the most popular cities worldwide, Shenzhen is built up for the software, IT services and new energy industries. Comparing to other cities in Asian, Shenzhen has much more potential to be developed as the second Silicon Valley. The competitive labor price with professional skills are the main factors which are becoming more and more attractive for the foreign investors outsourcing their business to Shenzhen. Therefore, as the leader of the battery testing provider industry in China, we chose Shenzhen to expand our business and meet the future trend.

Providing qualified, accurate, and reliable equipment and service for our client is what our business is built on. We are very proud of our long-lasting partnerships with some of our loyal customers. They are mainly from Universities like MIT, Stanford University, as well as manufacturers like LG, SAMSUMG and ATL, and even Research Institutes like Fraunhofer IWS from Germany, EV car corporation like Telsa, etc.. As the one and only Professor Jeff Dahn mentioned in an international conferences: “My lab would definitely be crushed without Neware’s equipment.” Also, one of our customers from Denmark came to visit us this summer, and they said they have been using our equipment for more than 14 years, and it still perfectly running. This feedback from our customers becomes the main motivation for us to keep improving our self and never be satisfied with what we have now, but focus on the future development.

To be corporate social responsible is also the essential key to maintain the long-term success. For example, CATL-Neware is a major project in which Neware have successfully completed. We strongly believe this industry will growth rapidly, but only if society pays attention to the young generation as they are the future of the world. Thus, we help higher educational organizations to develop their laboratories by donating 1,000 battery testers for free annually.

In conclusion, as we are running with the giants on the way to provide a greener and cleaner future for human being, the key is to stay motivated, remain energetic, be innovative, and also keep our feet on the ground. Therefore, choose Neware to help you with your battery testing needs, as we guarantee that what we can offer to you will always be higher than what you have expected.