Best battery tester so far – Neware BTS9000

Accuracy 0.02%, 4 auto-switch output ranges, 400us pulse width, 1000Hz data record frequency, characterized above and even more advanced features, Neware BTS9000 is born to be the most advanced battery testing system, it is the best choice for you to find the future battery material.

Neware BTS9000 4 channels, 2016 new design.

Typical customers: ATL, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, etc.

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This is the one for all – Neware BTS4000

Accuracy up to 0.05%, multi-output ranges supported, 400ms pulse width, up to 10Hz data record frequency, 1mA to 3000A, color and functions all can be  customized, Neware BTS4000 is the star of Neware.No matter you are battery factories, battery researchers or scientists , trading companies or even you just want to have a tryout with very low risk, Neware BTS4000 is very likely the correct choice for you.

Typical customers: ATL, BYD, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Notre Dame, UOC, SAFT, K2, A123, EATON, DESAY, EVE, MicroVast, Monash, Stanford, DALHOUSIE, etc.

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For EV and energy storage battery packs – Neware IGBT7000

Neware IGBT is especially for tests of following applications: EV battery packs, Storage systems, Truck battery packs, etc. Neware IGBT is characterized with regenerative feature – which means the discharged energy can go back to the power grid, or to the other channels which are charing the batteries at the same time.

Typical customers: CATL, Gotion, LG Chem, CosLight, etc.

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Neware battery test and quality check solution for – large scale battery factory

Neware semi-automated and full-automated solutions are available for prismatic, cylindrical and pouch cells. For EOL, formation and grading requirements from large-sacle battery manufacturers, Neware semi-automated and full-automated solutions are industry-proven and reliable.

Typical customers: ATL, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, etc.

Semi-automated solutionAutomated solution