Why it must be Neware BTS9000


BTS9000 is based on Neware 6th-generation testing system. It’s designed for battery material research, high-precision tests, pulse charge/discharge tests, DCIR test, and cycle life test.

As the most cutting-edge equipment for battery material research, BTS9000 comes with extremely high accuracy(±0.02% of FS), amazing hardware response speed(≤100μs), wide range of applications, high-speed testing data acquisition and many other industry-proven characteristics, it’s your ultimate choice for battery material research!

It characterized with a data acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz, an accuracy of 0.02% FS and a minimum pulse width of 400us (microsecond) which can be utilized for GSM or some other rapid pulse tests. Comes to the pulse tests, BTS9000 supports GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications), GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), CDMA-standby, CDMA-talk(Code Division Multiple Access), IDEN(Integrated Digital Enhanced Networks), etc.

What kinds of battery can BTS9000 test?

Neware BTS9000 Applies for the following types of battey tests:


Hardware Architecture of BTS9000

Neware BTS9000 includes a 32 bit floating point arithmetic Microprogrammed Control Unit, and here is the hardware architecture of BTS9000.


Channels parrallel and Multi testing ranges of BTS9000

BTS9000 can be configured with multi-current range channels, which have a current control range of 160uA to 5A. The accuracy for current and voltage on these channels is ± 0.02% FS. Alternately, the BTS9000 can be configured with single current range channels, which can be configured for higher voltages and currents.

Click here to see more about channels parrallel and Multi testing ranges of BTS9000.

Accuracy and temperature drift

Following screenshot indicates the accuracy of BTS9000 in high pulse test and the temprature drift test is also great(20ppm per degree).


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