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neware BTS9000 – The most sophisticated tester ever

BTS9000 is the flagship battery tester from Neware, it is primarily designed for: battery research institutes, universities, and laboratories of battery companies. Samsung and LG are using BTS9000 as well. It came into the market with extremely high accuracy (±0.02% of FS), amazingly quick hardware response time (≤100µs), high-speed data acquisition frequency (1000Hz) and many other industry-proven characteristics. BTS9000 has

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How to use temperature and voltage aux channels with Neware BTS9000


How to perform DCIR test in BTS9 software

How to perform DCIR test in BTS9 software


BTS9000-2CH: Derives from BTS9000, great as BTS9000 but more affordable

BTS9000 is the most advanced battery testing instrument from Neware, it’s the best choice for material research, but some customers think BTS9000 is a little expensive. Thus, we developed BTS9000-2CH for people who want to get high accuracy and high speed with low price. The only performance difference between BTS9000-2CH and BTS9000-4CH is that: the 2 channels of BTS9000-2CH can’t perform pulse test

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BTS9000 outputs pulse curves in use

As the most advanced battery testing system from Neware, BTS9000 is capable of all the popular pulse tests, such as GSM/CDMA/GPRS/WCDMA, etc. Following pictures are the screenshots from Agilent oscilloscope, these pictures show that BTS9000 output pulse curves exactly as cutomers’ requirement. It the ideal choice for battery material research.