Multi Ranges and Channels parallel of BTS9000

Neware BTS9000 characterizes with ‘channels parallel’ and ‘Multi-current range’ features. For ‘channels parallel’ technology, it makes product:

1. Increase the output current of the battery testing instrument;

2. Increase the testing accuracy of different range of testing currents;

3. Increase the compatibility of battery testing instrument.

BTS9000 supports up to 4 channels paralleled together, which makes the max current BTS9000 can handle is 20A.

For ‘Multi-current range’, it helps product:

1. Get more testing accuracy of different range of testing currents;

2. Get quicker hardware response time.

BTS9000 has 4 current test ranges: 150uA Full Scale ±30nA, 5mA Full Scale ±1uA, 150mA Full Scale ±30uA, 5A  Full Scale ±1mA.

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