Integrated solutions for battery testing industry from Neware

Neware provides the world-class battery testing instruments, our systems are capable of testing almost all the energy devices in the market, from traditional electrochemical batteries to the newest super capacitors, energy devices with Can or SMBus protocols, etc.
And more over, our system could be easily integrated with 3rd party facilities, such as environment chamber, shaker table, infrared camera, etc., altogether with our own auxiliary channels, they greatly extended the ability of our systems.
We also offer integrated battery test systematic solutions to international battery labs, universities, battery manufactures, etc.

BTS + BTSDA: For battery testing control and result analysis

BTS and BTSDA are the bundled softwares to Neware battery testing instruments, BTS(client and server) is a typical C/S structure software for controlling battery tests: program the battery testing schedules, start battery tests, sort and grade batteries according to user-defined conditions, etc. And BTSDA is the Data Analyzer for the battery testing results, it shows the data in curves and is capable of exporting data into xls or txt format for further using.

BTLM: For battery labs management

BTLM stands for Battery Test Life-cycle Management, it manages the whole battery testing process and results of the battery researching lab, from battery test request to the battery test result and report, it’s capable of managing the whole life-cycle and resources of battery tests. Within BTLM, you can look up any battery ever registered in the system, and you can trace all the detailed testing information and the final test reports, even after years.

BDTS: For battery testing data collection and trace

BDTS stands for Battery Data Tracing System, is an integrated system for battery testing data management and query. BDTS gathers all batteries testing results with a bar-code as primary key. The most fascinating feature of BDTS is that it’s compatible almost all the 3rd party battery testers for different testing phases and purposes, so it’s possible for you to manage and trace all the battery testing data on different brand battery testing instruments from one end.

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