Charging into the future: novel rock salt for use in rechargeable magnesium batteries A unique method to use novel rock salt in rechargeable magnesium batteries

By synthesizing novel material for electrode that facilitates reversing of the chemistry of ions, a group of researchers combat the wasteful aspects of energy sources by laying an important foundation for the production of next-generation rechargeable magnesium secondary batteries.


New organic flow battery brings decomposing molecules back to life ‘Zombie’ molecules dramatically increase battery lifetime

After years of working on an organic aqueous flow battery, researchers found that their ground-breaking, organic anthraquinone molecules were decomposing over time, reducing the long-term usefulness of the battery. Now, the researchers have not only learned how the molecules are decomposing but also how to reverse it. The team’s rejuvenation method cuts the capacity fade rate of the battery a factor of 40 while keeping the cost of the battery low.


Trump tariffs risk putting brake on US electric cars

President Donald Trump’s policies are doing nothing to help the US develop domestic battery manufacturing, an entrepreneur who is aiming for his company to be one of the country’s largest energy storage suppliers has warned. Doron Myersdorf, chief executive of StoreDot, an Israeli battery company backed by multinational groups BP, Daimler and TDK, among others, is looking for a location

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Caffeine gives solar cells an energy boost

Scientists have discovered that caffeine can help make a promising alternative to traditional solar cells more efficient at converting light to electricity. Their research may enable this cost-effective renewable energy technology to compete on the market with silicon solar cells.


Helping cities make power grids safer, more reliable

Solar power researchers have traditionally used the power measurements from single residential solar photovoltaic systems to estimate the power generated within a city. But one installation isn’t a good representation of all rooftops. Data from systems across a city is desperately needed to fully understand how this energy source can be integrated into the power grid. Engineers have provided a freely available quality-controlled and tuned dataset from 1,287 residential installations across Australia.


New material could unlock potential for hydrogen powered vehicle revolution

An international team of researchers has discovered a new material made from manganese hydride that would be used to make molecular sieves within fuel tanks – which store the hydrogen and work alongside fuel cells in a hydrogen powered ‘system’. The material would enable the design of tanks that are far smaller, cheaper, more convenient and energy dense than existing hydrogen fuel technologies, and significantly out-perform battery-powered vehicles.


Copy test data

User can copy all the data from software based on their requirements. If you have more questions, please contact me with: collin@newarebattery.com


Unit Setting

Neware BTS software provides users a very simple and flexible way to set their needed units according to different testing requirements . Right-click the interface on the software, and select “Unit Setting”. We can set: Volt. (V/mA), Cur. (A/mA/μA), Cap. (Ah/mAh), Temp. (°C/°F), R. (Ω/mΩ), Power Unit (W/mW), Time Unit (sec/msec), Eng Unit (Wh/mWh), Pressure Unit (KPa/Pa), Step Edit Time

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Rivian patent reveals removable battery for the truck bed

Rivian is proving that there’s more than one way to get more range out of an electric car. A new patent filing from the company reveals that its upcoming R1T electric pickup could have even more than 400 miles of range by using an auxiliary battery in the bed of the pickup.  The filing was revealed on Rivian Forums last week.R According

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Model predicts lithium-ion batteries most competitive for storage applications by 2030

This visual abstract depicts an analysis of 9 energy storage technologies between 2015 and 2050. Credit: Schmidt et al./Joule When leasing or buying a car, it’s important to consider not just the sticker price, but the long-term recurring costs, such as gas and maintenance. Deciding how we’re going to invest in clean energy storage requires a similar analysis, say researchers

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