BVIR: Portable and Accurate ACIR/Voltage meter

Neware BVIR is a high-precision battery internal resistance tester, is specially designed for rechargeable battery(including lead acid, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, Li-polymer battery).

Neware BVIR is easy to operate, reliable and highly cost-effective.

The alternating r.m.s. voltage Ua shall be measured while applying an alternating r.m.s. current Ia at the frequency of 1.0kHz±0.1kHz to the battery for a period of 1s to 5s. The internal a.c. resistance Rac is given by Rac = Ua / Ia.

Above testing method is indicated in many IEC testing manuals applied to various kinds of battery.

Newell BVIR is portable and it has a large capacity lithium-ion battery embedded. Moreover, an USB port is provided to charge and delivery testing results.

Technical specifications

Testing method: 4 probe method(Kelvin connection)

Data storage: up to 100,000 items

Voltage measuring range: 0-20V

Voltage accuracy: ±0.1% FS

Internal resitance measuring range: 200mΩ-2000mΩ

A/D mode: SAR 12-bit succesive comparsison method

Testing frequency: 1KHz

Sampling frequency: 1000 times/s

Calibration requirements

Zero point calibration: calibrate voltage and internal resistance at the same time

Voltage calibration: use outer DC 3V-20V as a standard referene to calibrate voltage

Internal resistance calibration: use 10mΩ-2000mΩ precision resistance to calibrate internal resistance

VBIR shipped with matching probes, shown as in the following picture.


And you can read this article for more information of the buttons and screen illustration of BVIR: button-explanation-of-bvir

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