Screen and Button explanation of BVIR

Neware BVIR is a high-accuracy system specially designed for testing the inter-resistance, it is easily operated and widely used in research organization and battery manufacturers.

BVIR Features:

1. The measurement method conforms to the GB/T11013-1996 and IEC61436:1998 standard which ensures the accuracy of the testing data.

2. Effective measurement of AC inter-resistance.

3. Circuit with high integration has strong anti-interference performance.

4. Constant AC for measuring is less than 20mA.

5. LED display, the testing data is stable and easy to read.

6. Automatic switch of voltage and inter-resistance range without shifting gears.

7. Wide measuring range, suitable for cells and battery pack whose voltage is under 20 Volts.

8. Portable, USB port supported.

Following is the screen illustration of BVIR, for your reference. 


And there are 9 buttons on the front panel of the BVIR, except the power button, here are the explanations of the other buttons:


1. HOLD: Freeze the screen content before you press it again;

2. ADJ: Zero adjustment, calibrate this product;

3. COMP: Swith between normal mode and comparsion mode;

4. BEEPER: Turn on or turn off the buzzer.

5-6: Move the cursor to left or right.

7-8: Increase or decrease the values.

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