BTS4000:Advanced and accurate equipment for cell and battery

Comparing with BTS3000, BTS4000 greatly improved the hardware response time, data acquisition frequency and result accuracy.

BTS4000 is the perfect test system in Neware’s line of high quality, dependable test systems.

BTS4000 can be configured with multi-current range channels, which have a current control range of 0A to 3000A. These multi-current range channels can be configured for voltage ranges of 0V to 110V. The accuracy for current and voltage on these channels is ± 0.05% FS.

BTS4000 is now widely used by research institutes, colleges and universities and EV battery manufacturers all around our country.

(BTS4000, This picture show BTS4000 for Button Battery testing, 8 Channels)

Features and Functions

◆Industry leading accuracy up to ±0.05% FS

◆pulse test, HPPC test and DCIR supported

◆4 channels paralleled available

◆Multi-current range available(4 ranges per channel)

◆Single channel data acquisition frequency up to 100Hz

◆Rising and falling time ≤20ms

◆Auxiliary voltage and temperature channels available

◆Wide range of applications (cycle, grading, over charging/discharging, pulse)

◆Every channel can be user programmed to operate in steps of CCC(Constant Current Charging), CVC(Constant Voltage Charging), CC&CVC(Constant Current & Constant Voltage Charging), CPC(Constant Power Charging), CCD(Constant Current Discharging), CPD(Constant Power Discharging), CRD(Constant Resistance Discharging), Pulse, etc.

◆Adaptable to a wide range of products (cells, batteries, super-capacitors and battery modules, etc.)

◆Completely independent channels allow users to run multiple independent tests simultaneously without affecting other channels

◆With the BTS client software, data is easily viewed graphically

◆Work without computer mode, up to 1GB testing data storage capacity

◆Diverse alligators and probe connection accessories for choose

(This is BTS4000 for Mobile batteries tests, Charging and Discharging Channels are seperated)


Input Power: AC 110V/220V/380V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Output Range: 0 – 110V

Resolution: AD(16bit); DA(16bit)

Control Accuracy: ±0.05% of FS

Measuring Accuracy: ±0.05% of FS

Rise Time: ≤20ms (10%-90% Current)

Data recording rate: 10Hz(Single channel up to 100Hz), △T/△U/△I

Operating modes: Charge – CC(Constant Current),CV(Constant Voltage), CC&CV(Constant Current & Constant Voltage), CP(Constant Power), Pulse

Discharge- CC(Constant Current),CP(Constant Power),CR(Constant Resistance),CC&CV(Constant Current & Constant Voltage, this feature is not available, please wait for our announcement),Pulse

Min pulse width: 500ms

Paralleling mode: up to 4 channels

Multi range: Each channel supports 4 ranges

(BTS4000 in Cabinet, High Power Equipment, 16 Channels)

Click here to download the BTS4000 brochure in PDF file format:

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